Beach Road Dental Practice

2 Beach Road, Hartford, Northwich, Cheshire CW8 4BA


We endeavour to provide more than just a dental check up for our patients. We perform a comprehensive examination of the teeth and oral cavity. During your visit, your dentist will take a look at the health of your entire mouth, including your teeth, gums and jaws. This includes an oral health screen for gum disease, dental decay and tooth wear. We also screen every examination for oral cancer.

Having regular check-ups with your dentist can help to determine any changes in your dental health.

During your new patient check-up as with a routine check up, there will be opportunities to ask your dentist any questions about your dental wellbeing, and to discuss any treatments you may be considering.  

X-rays may be required to give more information about any areas of concern, and will only be taken if necessary.

How will my dentist decide if I need further treatment?

During your consultation, your dentist will be looking at the health, the function and the aesthetics of your mouth. After your assessment your dentist may recommend certain treatments that fit within one of these categories, as follows:

Treatments to maintain the health of your teeth:

– Fillings
– Hygiene
– Periodontal care (of the gums and jaw bones)
– Root canal treatment
– Extractions
– Crowns
– Preventative care

Treatments to improve the way that your teeth function, or prevent damage:

– Replacing teeth through dental implants, bridges or dentures
– Orthodontic procedures to realign teeth 
– Splints to improve jaw function e.g. if you grind your teeth
– Sports guards

Treatments to improve the aesthetics of your smile:

– Teeth whitening
– Orthodontics (teeth straightening)
– Veneers
– Crowns

We want to provide you with the best treatment at a reasonable cost. We offer Denplan to help spread the cost of most treatment. Please get in touch with us today and book an appointment to find out more.