Beach Road Dental Practice

2 Beach Road, Hartford, Northwich, Cheshire CW8 4BA


We have 3 types of cleans to suit each patient depending on your needs.

Maintenance cleaning clinic 

This appointment lasts 20 mins. It is a maintenance programme to ensure that we monitor the health of the gums regularly.

The hygienist will review where plaque may be trapped, causing inflammation. Hard tartar is removed and the teeth are polished to give you back that squeaky clean feel you get after your dental visit. 

They will also outline a series of effective cleaning techniques which should be used at home in order to maintain a healthy mouth.

Deep tailored cleans

Patients with spontaneously bleeding gums, and those who feel that spaces are appearing between their teeth will benefit from this deeper treatment.

Each root surface is effectively cleansed and disinfected by the hygienist to allow gums to reattach to the teeth.

To make this more comfortable we can use anaesthetics. This is optional and please ask the hygienist if you wish to have this or let the reception staff know when booking this appointment so they can allow for more time. Antimicrobials may also be used to help eradicate stubborn bacteria.

Advice and demonstrations on how best to prevent this problem reoccurring is then given.

These appointments normally last 30 minutes. Dependant on the progression of such gum disease, this procedure must be completed either on all of the teeth present within the mouth or within localised areas.

Unhealthy gums are a contributory factor to other diseases that patients may suffer, such as diabetes and heart disease. so maximising your gum health can be vitally important.

After 3 months you will have a reassessment appointment with the hygienist to check whether your gums have responded to the treatment as expected, and whether your oral hygiene has improved.

Detox clean

This is usually for new patients or may benefit existing patients who haven’t been to see the hygienist for a while. A full periodontal assessment is undertaken to determine the severity of the disease and the extent of the treatment needed. This is a 2 visit 30 minute assessment and deep clean appointment. Local anesthetic is used, and preferred to achieve optimum results, but can be done without.

Thorough daily oral hygiene advice tailored to the patients needs will be given on these appointments.

We advise that all Detox appointments would then need a follow up 30 min appointment 3 months later so the hygienist can repeat the periodontal assessment to see how your gums have responded to the treatment and to advise whether you would benefit from the “maintenance cleaning” clinic or if you would benefit from the 3-6 months “deep tailored clean” clinic.