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A dental implant is a small screw made of titanium, that is well-tolerated by the body and takes over the function of a tooth root. The dental implant is inserted directly into your jaw to act in the same way as a normal tooth root so it can securely hold the artificial tooth in your mouth.

Implants are very strong and have proven to last a very long time. Compared to bridges there is no need to re-model the adjacent healthy tooth and hence the teeth structures are preserved.

Patients who wear full or partial dentures are particularly attracted to dental implants. The dentures can be secured by implants keeping them stable as opposed to the use of denture adhesives. 

We have our own implant surgeon who would be happy to offer a free consultation to discuss your needs and assess your suitability for an implantPlease read all about Abd Kouzali our implantologist in our “Meet the team” section.

Please phone or email to book an appointment if you are interested in finding out more about implants.